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OVERVIEW: G12/PG* soccer (known at "PG") is offered only in the spring. Online registration will be open by mid-November; register by the end of the year to avoid late fees. Practices typically start in mid to late March; games typically start the 2nd weekend in April.  


PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Offered only in the spring, our 6-week G12/PG* program is for players in grades 11 and 12, and players who graduated in the previous spring, and is open to players who live or attend(ed) school in Gloucester, Essex, Manchester, or Rockport. The program has boys' teams and girls' teams; there are two practices per week and a game on Sundays. Practice days and times are set by the coach. Games are played in Essex County Communities.



*NOTE: Up until Spring 2022, "G12/PG" did not include 11th graders.